Shamanic Death

The death of the shaman is not just for the shaman itself. If you want to change your life, old habits or want to transform to another way of life, these ceremonies/rituals are appropriate. By experiencing the shamanic death/transformation you become ready for the next step in your development as you release the “Old” to create space for the “New”. For some people this means becoming a Shaman/ka or Healer. For others, who are not engaged in shamanism, it can mean the next step in their personal development by leaving diseases, poverty, old patterns & disharmonious relationships behind. Shamanic Death is an ancient rite of passage in many traditions and in Siberian Shamanism the only way was to drape an animal skin between four trees as the Shaman was left alone in the wilderness for many days. After much time had past the tribes/community people returned to them, by this time they would have gone through the process of becoming a Shaman/ka. Many channels were opened through this rite of passage that would ready them for their spirit-walk. Nothing has an end without a new beginning; if the old Sweetcorn sticks had not been burnt or ploughed the soil would not be fertile. Hence no new Sweetcorn would grow the following year. So remember, when you are ready to bury the old parts of yourself you will be creating a fertile soil for the new adventures to take place.

Shamanic death

When you want to apply the shamanic death in a profound and intense manner and you want to change your life, the ritual has 7 levels



Covers the transformation of your vision of the world  

& releasing of old patterns to open up new channels. Cleanses negative, polluted energies & physical complaints. Instils a new outlook of life. Contacts power animals that energize you and lead you to encounters in the spiritual world.



In this ritual all relationships will change and be elevated to a higher level. You release everybody & everything that has not been said & will be said. You ask for forgiveness from your heart. Releasing old heartaches, disappointments & blocks on love. You will require the shamanic gift to feel & see the soul of people.



In this ritual you will be partially buried. We will our death as we see old life patterns pass by. We will transform the old tensions in ourselves to freedom, happiness and joy. There is a sense of release & a connecting to your life’s goal. You will develop the skills to cleanse, communicate and work together with the spirits in nature..

Level 3 workshops only held in spring and summer.



Going through the gate of ‘personal hell’, leaving behind anxieties, loneliness, sadness, despair, addictions, diseases, jealousy, insecurities and & bad habbits. This will done according Erlik; guard of the world of the past. After you will be able to set targets & create situations in this world for the future. This level also covers cleaning your channels and predicting the future



The death and rebirth in cooperation happens with the spirit of the mountain. We will all travel to the caves in a scared mountain where we will be eliminating mental blocks that prevent us from gaining more knowledge.  This will bring us to a higher level of development, will change your life rapidly and life will never be the same hereon.

Level 5 also covers cleansing of channels & telepathy, intuition, and passing on knowledge.



Chadir of death (sweat lodge in some traditions).

Chadir is an ideal place for connecting to the spirit of death. Everything in the Chadir helps you, the hot stones, steam, its shape, and the sacred aromas of plant spirits (our guides for death & transformation).

The 6th level is also for cleansing of karma & releasing death anxieties and the material world. After this ceremony you will observe the world with the eyes of a child.



The workshops highest level lasts from Wednesday through to Sunday.

It completes the full transformation and gains knowledge about past lives, youth and the shamanic journey along the river of life that travel through the moors in the shamanic world. We gain profound knowledge of the world of Erlik; guardian of the world of the past. It looks at what happens to your soul after the death as the new opened channels allow you to prepare for your new destiny. Your aim in life will be clear and supported by many spirits.


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