Soulretrieval & Powerextraction

Get back to your original ‘Self’ with Siberian Shamanism

5 modules





Soul retrieval literally is the repair of the original soul, its lost energy and qualities. It calls back parts of the soul to be recaptured.

Soul Loss is to lose connection with your higher ‘self’. There are a variety of reasons one can loose a part of his soul. There are many reasons why we experience Soul Loss that range from traumatic or shocking experiences, events from past lives, too high an energy focus on the future, loss of a close person, curse, youth experiences, old relationships and even happy experiences. If you are living your life in a way that does not match your life expectations, qualities, higher expectations and are too influenced from the people who raised you in life and have expectations from other authorities. All of these can create self issues in finding your place in society. By adjusting ourselves to others and their opinions we loose the essential connection with ourselves, hence we may experience others and the society as an insecure place to be. During birth we loose a part of our essence it is an experience that has high impact and separates us from the bigger whole.

Power extraction when translated simply means ‘removing power’.

Power intrusion is a foreign energy that has entered yourself and as a result it is difficult to connect to our own truth and clarity whilst this particular energy is in your system.


Retrieving lost parts, energies or qualities (soul retrieval) is one of the tasks of the shaman/ka. They travel to the shamanic worlds, will look for those lost parts to return them to human kind. In power extraction the opposite is achieved whilst foreign energy is being removed from your system and then returned to the place where it belongs.


In Siberian Shamanism there are various techniques for both power extraction and soul retrieval.

In these 5 modules we will learn and practice these various techniques from the Siberian Shamanism perspective.


Content 5 modules :

Module I

·        Elevating Energy Levels

·        Soul Retrieval Technique

·        Protection

·        Working in day-to-day life

·        Integration of returned soul

Module II

·        Shape-shifting energetic form, change of dream body

·        Soul Retrieval technique  on ‘protected areas’

·        Esablishing a Holy Area

·        Harmonisation

·        Transformation of opposing parts in your body

Module III

·        Power Extraction Techniques

·        Profound Purification after Soul Retrieval and Power Extraction

·        Protecting Objects and Spirits

·        Shape-shifting at an emotional level

·        Healing of cell memories

Module IV

·        Erasing energetic traces

·        Understanding past lives

·        Soul Retrieval on past lives

·        Shape-shifting at a mental level

·        Removing stuck negative spirits

Module V

·        Erasing curses

·        Soul Retrieval after curse erasing

·        Healing of the Soul

·        Extraterrestial intrusion and extraction


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