Channeling our Higher Self


This day we start with a meditation.

We direct ourselves to the airy world and will learn channeling.

Channeling is getting information in various ways, written in a way understandable for you.

Learn to listen to your inner-voice and to trust that the source of information is correct for you.

Everybody  has a coach from this airy world.

Coaching is done with many symbols which are easy to understand and accessible to you.

The following subjects will be dealt with:

Who and what are spirits,  personal guardians, angels and what do they mean in our life?


How does our Higher Self work?

What may that mean in our daily life?

But also: what does it involve in our search for our spiritual self, our spiritual path and development.

Place Etten Leur 
Date Zondag 21 oktober 
Time 10.00 - 17.00 h 
Start 10.00 h 
Number of lessons
Costs 50 euro 
Sign up and information
076 - 52 64 002
To take along pen and paper 
Docent Dorina Giesbergen 
Clothing casual 
Nursery children - supervision will be provided.
Other info