Reading of energy



A reading is a description of your physical, emotional and spiritual  energy.

It is for every one who wants to know more about the own unique way of existence, about how and why you encounter  obstacles in your life, about your aims and the way you try to realize them.

A reading can be given in a variety of ways



The various aspects of the rose are a symbol of the important aspects of your existence.

It gives you insight and a lot of information.

We start the day meditating.

We will  open our channel-reading by  learning how to read.

Reading is open for everybody.

Everything that is energy can be translated, thus giving us insight.

Even flowers, stones, trees, animals, but also objects borne by people (psychometrics) can be read.

Our rose is a symbol of our life as we have lived it so far.

We can also look what this symbol has to tell us.

We look to ourselves at this day, our personal rose, but also learn how to look at some
Place Etten Leur (near Breda) 
Date Saturday october 20th 
Time 10.00 - 17.00 h 
Start 10.00 h 
Number of lessons
Costs 50 euro 
Sign up and information
076 - 52 64 002
To take along lunch packet, pen and paper 
Docent Dorina Giesbergen 
Clothing casual 
Nursery children - supervision will be provided.
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