Healinggroup Atmaram


During the year-long training of Atmaram spirit-helpers showed the quality of this very special group.

As not any other group comes together without a reason, certain people participate at that very moment whereas other fail to attend.   In this  way Atmaram had gathered.

The Atmaram Group proved to be able to create a enormous powerful field for healing.

Thus the healing group was formed and the name of Atmaram was evident for everybody.

 Atamaram is Sanskrit meaning joy from the inside. Joy which is in your inner self and which is not affected by what happens outside or is initiated by it.

 The group counts 12 persons. Drums, rattles and music are used.

At that particular moment  the needs of the group, gathered together for the healing field,  is considered and felt.

 People who participate only have to sit or lie down to relax and be overwhelmed by the energy.

Just meet  the special energy, the special answers which sometimes cross your mind, the healing for everybody, the relaxation.


The benefit of this evening will be donated to the asylum for animals at Breda, which is crowded with kittens, cats and dogs.

Place Etten Leur (near Breda) 
Date 18th October 2007 
Time 20.00 - 21.00 hours 
Start 20.00 hour 
Number of lessons
Costs 17.50. The proceeds will be donated to the asylum for animals at Breda. 
Sign up and information esoterischcentrum@orange.nl
076 - 52 64 002
To take along something to lie on 
Docent Atamaram 
Clothing casual 
Nursery supervision may be provided; just ask about it 
Other info limited number of places!