Making a drum

In the weekend of 20th and 21st October you are going to make your own drum (sanding the frame and stretching the drum-skin on the frame); 16th June (ned. Juni = juni) is the end of the term and then you will finish your drum and will make your drumstick. That Sunday may end at a late hour so a free Monday may be advisable.

 In this workshop we’ll make a hand drum with one skin. You are advised to make a drum with a skin which is adjustable.

 Please choose from:

Wooden/frame; made out of a wooden shelf: beech, cedar, pine, ash, maple, elm, Siberic larch, stone beech.

Frame: oval or round (possibly angular)

Format: around 40 - 48 cm (1 inch = 2,54 cm)

Hide/drum-skin: bison, goat, deer, horse; with or without hair (except deer)

 Stretching methods of the drum-skin: flexible  (or fixed if preferred)

Flexible = the skin-tension is easy adaptable to the weather; your drum will hardly ever fail.

Fixed = the skin needs to be warmed up or moistened to keep the sound when the weather changes.

 Flexible stretching method: with willow twig or iron rings.

When you inscribe in time you have choices to make. After that it is matter of ordering or you depend on what is in store

Place Etten Leur 
Date 20th and 21st October; making a drum
4th November; finishing the drum and drumstick
Time start 10.00 h morning 
Number of lessons weekend & one day 
Costs € 227,50 Extra price: bison € 30,-; ash € 10,- 
Sign up and information
Or 076 – 52 64
To take along  
Docent Jos Heerkens & Nicole Heerkens 
Nursery supervision possible, ask for an arrangement 
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