In previous lives we have stored many qualities, acquired  knowledge and gathered power. We can restore the original soul and the lost energy. Causes of blocks prevented the streaming of power, qualities of old knowledge from previous lives may be: traumatic or shocking events, loss of a beloved person, a curse, even a happy  event, leading a life not in accordance with your  mission of life and your qualities, higher expectations, force or manipulation by authorities may lead to behaviour of adaptation, a tragic death or yearning for something else.

By adapting to others or a situation we loose it and we stop the stream of the quality.

With this technique you can lift the blocks and revive this energy of knowledge, power  or qualities.

On the first evening the technique will be explained on level 1 and something will be told about previous lives.

After that you will be (word je !) grouped in twos or threes and we will work wth these techniques.

During  acquiring the knowledge, energy, power or quality the person involved may experience a variety of things (Nederlandse zin onduidelijk). Some get images or information about where those ( wat is het?)come from, how to deal with them, etc.

Othersexperience a strong energetic change and a change in their way of living.  Such an experience will differ for every one.

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