Centre for spiritual development, clear mindedness and healing

 Food for the spirit of man

 In everyday life our spirituality does not always get a fair chance because of our  education, the Society and social world . We do nourish our body, our intellectual and emotional needs, but our spirituality gets too little food or, worse,  gets no food at all.

Some of us lose their heart of the matter, their joy and the deeper sense of life.

Others get lost in a search. Some of us are out of balance, are ill, are lonely; or have problems due to relations, work or money. Some feel a need to be among  people with the same views.

 Esoteric Centre want to be a home, a haven, a meeting point, a source for heart and soul. A stronghold offering spiritual development, clear mindedness and healing.

Our Centre is situated at the outskirts of Etten Leur in the south of the Netherlands and is at a five minutes distance of the woods. It is close to Breda and to the boarder of Belgium.

There is a large garden with tall trees. Children are equally welcome and can enjoy themselves in the house (near the centre) outside at the inner court or in the large garden.

We are open for children, youth, the middle aged and seniors; for singles, couples, for friends  and for YOU alone. Also for those who are totally unknown with spirituality and those who have experience with the subject or for seekers in this field.

From the centre room the garden is to be seen and thus nature is always present.

Our Centre is at an energetic place of power which is to be felt in all activities.

When the weather conditions are well enough lessons are given in the garden or in the woods; pauses can be spent outside.

Our Centre has a lot to offer. Many ways lead tot awareness, to development, to healing.

Sessions of one evening, short and long courses and trainings are held, both for groups and individuals. Our teachers and healers are not only natives but also from abroad.

Some people may develop successfully with certain  lessons where others fail to do so. That’s why we offer a wide variety  of methods.

Our Esoteric Centre thinks it of great importance to come up with new things, new methods, new approaches in order to obtain what YOU want. In doing so you will stay awake and alert, and your exercises will not wear off to routines.

We are flexible and fully open for anyone. Much can be deliberated. You are welcome the way you are. We take into consideration what you want and what you wish.


The Centre can be reach both by car and by train; a train taxi from the nearest station costs you € 4,- . We have seen many times that people who meet each other  in the groups are often too willing to help one another and offer to drop you at the station. By the way, many friendship starts in the groups and sometimes even relationships!


Petra Giesbergen has been a teacher and therapist, and has led healings ever since 1987. She had initiation as a shaman in Siberia.

She rented all kinds of rooms and halls all over the place to receive people.

Her intention was to have a fixed place in a natural environment. Tranquility, no disturbances of energy, the power of nature….

She used to ask the Spirits in nature to help her find such a place, not only for herself but also for so many people who could come and enrich their lives.

It took a long time mainly because of the financial aspect.

All of a sudden circumstances changed and such a place was within her reach.

The Higher Power ( God, the Light or whatever) had heard the prayers and had taken them seriously.

A search was of no avail. No place to be found where every one could come and feel at home.

A ritual was held: help find us such a location where we can live, where we can offer spirituality and where we feel happy. A playground for our child and a home for our pets; a place for other children, too. That place would not only be for ourselves: we promised to share it.

Help and find Higher Powers, help and find guides and spirit helpers. We asked it wholeheartedly.

After one year they found the house and centre, situated at a energetic  place in the town of Etten Leur.

When we sighted the location  and walked through the garden, the place wished us welcome. In the house a blanket of warm energy seemed to hug us. A cat came and greeted us. We were overwhelmed by the power and the tranquility of the place.

In the nearby woods we found various spots of enormous energy.

That was the place! We found it at last! For you, too. That is why you are welcome. Every one of you!